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‘Ardhanarishvara’ is a composite androgynous form of Shiva and his consort Parvati. This form is shown as a fusion of half-male and half-female forms, split down in the center. The right half is depicted as Shiva, while the left half shows the female form of Parvati. Since Ardhanarishvara represents the perfect synthesis of male and female forms, it also embodies the Prakriti and the Purusha, the feminine and masculine energies of the cosmos and also illustrates how Shakti, the Sacred Feminine, is inseparable from Shiva, the male principle of God. This form also symbolizes the all-pervasive, all-enduring nature of Lord Shiva.

With this beautiful old stamp painting we bring you the best of exquisite Indian artwork from Pink City, the heart of royal heritage Rajasthan.

Availability: Delivered within 15-20 days through regular shipping and 5 to 7 days through express shipping.
Quality: – 100% Hand painted
Size: Height.32 cm. X Width 22 cm.
Medium: Opaque water colors
Surface: Four Anna stamped court paper.
Return Policy: 15 Days if ordered as Unframed. Not applicable if ordered as Framed.

Customization ? Yes, this painting is available framed or unframed.


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